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         Radio Career 1964-1994
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Major Market Program Director of the Year

Z93 Atlanta
B-97 New Orleans
WQUE New Orleans
KIRL St Louis
WSGN Birmingham
KICKS 106 Birmingham
WAAY Huntsville
WHHY Montgomery
WBAM Montgomery


Amazing Radio Stories...
My radio career spanned 30 years.  I had many memorable moments that I hope to be able to share.  When I first got into the business, it was strictly for the fact that it was an “entertainment” business where I could get on the radio, play records and talk to my friends; two things I loved doing.  I had dreams of being a radio legend.  In the early days, I was so excited just to be on the radio.  I’d practically live at the studios just to get another chance at broadcasting.  I would have done it for free during those days...
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Is he dead yet?  (Where is he now...)
After a 30 year radio career, beginning at KDLA DeRidder, LA, in 1964 and ending at WBAM Montgomery, in 1994,  Kris is now an IT Systems Specialist with the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources.
Cecil, Alabama home
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Michael Flaherty, originally from New Orleans, and now in Montgomery, Alabama with wife Kathy and four sons, Kris, Kevin, Kerry and KyleWe bought land and built in Cecil, Alabama.  Click on picture for more!
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